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Required Legal Notices
Pending Ord 2019-278 Sewer rates (pdf)
Pending Ordinance 2019-273 Municipal Parking Lots (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-272 Sale of Property (pdf)
Pending Ordinance 2019-274 Amending 2016-241 Traffic (pdf)
Pending Ordinance 2019-275 Exceed Municipal Budget (pdf)
Pending Ord 2019-276 Sanitary Sewer (pdf)
Pending Bond Ordinance 2019-277 (pdf)
Notice to Bidders 2019 Sanitary Sewers (pdf)
Pending Ordinance 2019-272 (pdf)
Annual Reorganization Mtg (pdf)
Change of Meeting Time (pdf)
RFP 2019 APP AD (pdf)
Legal Notice Floodplain Mgmt (pdf)
2018 Clerk's Office
2017 Clerk's Office
2016 Clerk's Office
2015 Clerk's Office
2015 Planning Board
2015 Board of Health

Required Legal Notices

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