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Borough of Union Beach 
650 Poole Avenue 
Union Beach, NJ 07735
732-264-2277 Phone 
732-264-1267 Fax


Fire Department 911      
Fire Dept. NON Emergency 732-264-7575

Fire Chief

First Aid Squad 911    
Police Department 732-264-0313 Chief Woodrow  
Municipal Administrator 732-264-3026 Robert M. Howard, Jr. rmhowardjr@unionbeachnj.gov
Municipal Clerk 732-264-2277 Anne Marie Friscia boroughclerk@unionbeachnj.gov
Sewer 732-264-5657 Alice Ostervich aostervich@unionbeachnj.gov
Board of Health 732-264-2365 Eileen Balut boardofhealth@unionbeachnj.gov
Tax Assessor 732-264-2360 Michael DelRe taxassessor@unionbeachnj.gov
Tax Collector 732-264-5662 Desiree Durkin ubtax@unionbeachnj.gov
Court Administrator 732-264-9098 Sharon Devaney ubcourtclerk@optimum.net
Public Works Department 732-264-1133 Stephen Higgins sjhiggins@unionbeachnj.gov
Recycling Department 732-264-1133 Stephen Higgins sjhiggins@unionbeachnj.gov
Planning Board Secretary 732-739-1503 Madeline Russo mrusso@unionbeachnj.gov
Recreation 732-888-6026   ubrecunionbeachnj.gov
Code Enforcer 732-526-8686 Joseph Crane CodeEnforcement@unionbeachnj.gov
Deputy Code Enforcer 732-526-8686 Joe McGrath DCodeEnforcer@unionbeachnj.gov
Code Enforcement Office 732-526-8686 Lee Harriott CodeEnforcement@unionbeachnj.gov
Construction Official 732-526-8687     construction@unionbeachnj.gov
Library 732-264-3792 Brandi Horakh  
Board of Education 732-264-3133    
Memorial School 732-264-5400    
T & M Associates 732-671-6400 Dennis Dayback  
Emergency Management 732-264-3773 Michael Harriott UBEMC11@optonline.net
NJ American Water Co 800-652-6987 Paul Richards  
NJ Natural Gas Co 800-GAS-LEAK    
JCP&L 800-662-3115  

Borough of Union Beach   |   650 Poole Avenue, Union Beach, NJ 07735   |   Phone: 732-264-2277    Fax: 732-264-1267